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Recommended by 8 people
Recommended by 8 people
Bought a 7 in drop point couple years back and love it. its still sharp and use it daily. planning on getting more! great all round people and...  Read more
May 10, 2023
Evan Linville
Just received a frontier style knife and sheath from Buddy. The craftsmanship is absolutely beautiful and shipping was super fast. This is already...  Read more
Apr 15, 2023
Matt Singleton
Absolutely love my knife, the quality is all there, the handle feels great, the blade is sharp, the sheathe is tight, I could not have asked for a...  Read more
Aug 18, 2022
Daniel Taylor
Buying a knife made by Buddy Thomas at Tree of Liberty Bladecraft can very easily become a habit. I say this a someone who has bought several...  Read more
Aug 30, 2021
Bryan Tomko
Bought a knife from Buddy today at Route 66 Heritage Festival in Miami Oklahoma. He's a really cool guy, very knowledgeable and passionate about...  Read more
Jul 31, 2021
Marc Puente
Buddy made a chef knife for my girlfriend for Christmas. It is one of the most amazing knives we own and the sharpest knife I have ever seen. He was...  Read more
Jan 9, 2021
Jerry Garner

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