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Recommended by 6 people
Recommended by 6 people
Absolutely love my knife, the quality is all there, the handle feels great, the blade is sharp, the sheathe is tight, I could not have asked for a...  Read more
Aug 18, 2022
Daniel Taylor
Buying a knife made by Buddy Thomas at Tree of Liberty Bladecraft can very easily become a habit. I say this a someone who has bought several...  Read more
Aug 30, 2021
Bryan Tomko
Bought a knife from Buddy today at Route 66 Heritage Festival in Miami Oklahoma. He's a really cool guy, very knowledgeable and passionate about...  Read more
Jul 31, 2021
Mark Puente
Buddy made a chef knife for my girlfriend for Christmas. It is one of the most amazing knives we own and the sharpest knife I have ever seen. He was...  Read more
Jan 9, 2021
Jerry Garner
Buddy Thomas is amazing and he has created some great custom knives for me , and family these will be a treasure to keep for a lifetime. He will...  Read more
Jan 8, 2021
chance johnson
Nov 25, 2020
Courtney Cannon

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