Meet the Deaf Bladesmith

The Irony of the Hammer

It may come as a surprise to those who didn’t know that Buddy Thomas was not born deaf. Ironically Thomas lost his hearing at the age of three by the blow of a hammer in a childhood accident during playtime. He never regained his hearing. However he endured years of speech therapy to be able to speak. Growing up ...

Available Knives, Swords and other Hand made Creations

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Chef Knives

Chef Knives

SOLD- 11” Kiritsuke Chef Knife

Japanese style Kiritsuke Chef Knife in 1095 High …
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Only 1 Available

12.5” Kiritsuke

12.5” Japanese Style Kiritsuke Chef Knife with …
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$600.00Only 1 Available

SOLD- 10” Kiritsuke Chef Knife

10” Japanese Style Kiritsuke Chef Knife with an …
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$450.00Only 1 Available

SOLD- 7” Bunka Chef Knife with California Buckeye

7” Japanese Style Bunka Chef Knife made from …
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$250.00Only 1 Available


Bought a 7 in drop point couple years back and love it. its still sharp and use it daily. planning on getting more! great all round people and...  Read more
May 10, 2023
Evan Linville
Just received a frontier style knife and sheath from Buddy. The craftsmanship is absolutely beautiful and shipping was super fast. This is already...  Read more
Apr 15, 2023
Matt Singleton

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